Lift King Products

Lift King Collision & Repair Equipment LLC is a company dedicated in designing, manufacturing, and supplying specialty collision equipment within the automotive and commercial truck industry.

Our founder and CEO not only grew up within the collision industry, but he also started his career as an automotive collision repair technician and painter. This experience provides Lift King a huge upper hand when communicating and working with technicians to determine industry needs.

All Lift King products are built with a high-quality design for longevity and durability. At Lift King we understand the importance for available floor space and the need for maximum productivity. With that said, everything we design is created to breakdown and set up quickly, and store with minimal to no floor space needed.

When designing products, safety is our number one priority. Lift King is committed to design products that will improve productivity, reduce the risk for liability, increase quality, and most importantly, improve technician safety.


Receive a 10% Collision Source rebate on all purchases from Lift King Products.

The promo code CS10 must be used when ordering online or over the phone to claim this offer.

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